When To See a Chiropractor in Henderson NV

When To See a Chiropractor in Henderson NVChiropractic care is a unique form of health care based on the natural healing of the body. It’s different than medical treatment because chiropractic philosophy is based on the fact that the spine is the central processing unit of your body, and taking care of it brings great dividends to your body, mind, and health.

Studies show that you don’t have to wait until you experience an auto injury or work injury to benefit from chiropractic care.

Here are some common times to consider seeing the Henderson chiropractors at Advanced Spine and Rehabilitation:

  • When you have seen your primary care doctor but still continue to have chronic pain in your joints or muscles.

  • When you have pain, headache, or burning sensations that radiate to other parts of your body and this happens either occasionally, frequently, or after an auto injury or work injury.

  • When you experience a work injury or participate in repetitive activities at work. (It’s possible that our Henderson chiropractor clinic is affiliated with your place of employment.)

  • If you have a job where sitting or standing for long periods of time is required or when you can’t find a comfortable position in your chair.

  • When the injuries you have are not improving.

  • If it’s difficult for you to stand up straight and if your head is positioned too far forward no matter how hard you try to straighten it.

  • When your past injuries are making you feel old.

  • When you are looking for a non-invasive and drug-free way to reduce pain.

  • If you’re afraid to move your neck or any body part in any direction.

  • If you have recently had extensive dental work with your mouth open for long periods of time and are experiencing headaches or neck pain.

  • When you have foot pain that is not relieved by new shoes.

  • If you have carried a heavy purse or backpack on one side of the body for several weeks.

  • If you hit your head hard, even if you aren’t unconscious.

The list of when you should see our Henderson chiropractor at Advanced Spine and Rehabilitation could continue on for several pages! Although auto injury or a work injury are the primary reasons why people visit ours Henderson chiropractors, activities of daily living can be enough to misalign the vertebrae and start to cause symptoms. A nerve that’s compressed from misalignment has a short window of time to begin the healing process; after that, recovery is prolonged.

Your body is the vehicle you’ll be traveling in throughout your lifetime. Chiropractic care for an auto injury, work injury, or other ‘boo-boos’ of life when your physical body is hurt can be the primary initiator of recovery. Schedule an appointment with your Henderson chiropractor today.