Neck Pain Treatment

Neck Pain ReliefAlmost everyone suffers from neck pain at one point or another. For an estimated 10-21%  people, neck pain becomes a persistent problem. Neck pain can be a sign of musculoskeletal issue or a serious condition, so it's important to have your neck checked if you are experiencing ongoing symptoms.

As your Henderson chiropractors, we can provide you with a complete diagnostic testing and treatment for neck pain. The most common causes of neck pain are related to spinal conditions, tissue injuries, auto accidents, posture, and spinal degeneration -- all of which can be safely and effectively resolved with chiropractic care. (Learn more about neck pain causes here-- link to neck pain causes page). If we suspect your neck pain is related to a more serious concern like cancer or spinal fracture, we will refer you to the appropriate physicians in Henderson and Las Vegas, NV.

Once we've diagnosed the source of your neck pain, we'll develop a customized treatment plan that could includechiropractic adjustments, physiotherapy, massage therapy, and more

In most cases, we find that neck pain can be efficiently resolved in our Henderson & Las Vegas patients by using a combination of chiropractic care and physiotherapy exercises. A number of medical studies have confirmed the effectiveness of this treatment approach. In fact, one study even showed that neck pain plus exerciser provided better results for patients than a number of pain medications.

Here's how chiropractic adjustments and physiotherapy can help with neck pain:
  • Correct any potential misalignments in the spine underlying your neck pain
  • Reduces inflammation tied to neck pain
  • Breaks up fibrous adhesions and harmful scar tissue which develop after tissue injury, facilitating better mobility
  • Increases blood flow to the affected area to facilitate healing
  • Relieves pressure on pinched nerves in the cervical spine
  • Strengthens neck muscles which may be suffering from weakness or degeneration as result of your injury
  • Prevents future neck pain by correcting existing disorders in the spine and surrounding tissues, while providing you with better tools for pain management through at-home exercises and improve posture

Whether you're recovering from an auto accident or are simply suffering from chronic, non-specific neck pain, our Henderson chiropractors will address the root of your symptoms for lasting relief. Call Advanced Spine & Rehabilitation for an appointment today.