How Often Should You See a Chiropractor in Henderson NV

How Often Should You See a Chiropractor in Henderson, NV?If you’re new to seeing a chiropractor in Henderson, one of the questions you may ask is how often you should go in for a chiropractic visit. This is a good question, and one thatis commonly asked.

The answer though isn’t cut and dry. The true answer is that it depends. For example, if you have suffered injuries to your neck and back in a car accident, your chiropractic protocol may start out with daily chiropractic treatments for the first week, then every other day for three or four weeks, and then once a week. When you’re feeling better, the time between treatments to see your Henderson chiropractor will be once every two weeks and then once a month after that.

The reason for several chiropractic treatments the first week is because the joints in your spine will need frequent ‘reminding’ of where their place is in space. Injuries have a way of causing misalignment, and aligning them decreases the pain. The longer the joints are misaligned, the longer you’ll be running for the bottle of painkillers – and that leaves you open to developing new health problems you won’t want!

How Often Should You See a Chiropractor in Henderson, NV?Seeing your Henderson chiropractor is an easier way to manage the pain until your body can stay in alignment. Chiropractic is a safe, natural and drug-free method of healing, and you’ll be amazed at how much can be done without the use of prescription medications to decrease your pain.

If you feel a cold or flu coming on, heading out to your Henderson chiropractor’s office is another good idea. That’s because a chiropractic adjustment for a day or two may be exactly what your body needs to restore the communication from the nervous system to the immune system. Your nervous system is capable of giving messages to your immune system via the spine, so a chiropractic adjustment can cut down the length of time you stay sick. In this case, you won’t need daily treatments for too long.

If you have a chronic condition that is affecting your muscles, bones and/or joints, your schedule of seeing your chiropractor in Henderson will be different. In this case, you may have visits to see chiropractor Dr. Russell once a week over a few months. His goal will be for you to regain your mobility – and only then will you feel like your quality of life has improved!