What To Do with Chronic Pain from a Work Injury

If you’re suffering with pain from an old work injury, you know it can make everyday activities very difficult. You may be concerned that you don’t have many choices to help alleviate the pain but in truth there are many options. Some are better than others, so consider carefully before deciding which is right for you. These are just a few of the different options that will be available to you.

Pain Medication: Pros and Cons

If you’ve visited the doctor for your work injury it’s likely they prescribed some medication to help you deal with the pain. Medication is often the fastest way to find relief and therefore attractive to many people. There are some disadvantages to using this option, however. Many of the medications prescribed for pain management are addictive and therefore getting rid of your pain without the medicine can prove to be very difficult. Additionally, pain medications can come with unwanted side effects.


Another option to deal with pain from a work injury is to seek physiotherapy. Here you will develop an exercise plan to help you get the area that was injured back into shape and pain free. It may take weeks or even months. Our Henderson chiropractors are licensed in physiotherapy, so can offer these techniques in addition to chiropractic care.

Chiropractic Adjustments

One of the things that often gets missed when dealing with pain from a work injury is visiting a chiropractor. These specialists are trained to evaluate your body, in particular your bones and joints, and make sure everything is lining up properly. When your body is misaligned, stress will be placed in areas that it shouldn’t be and will certainly cause chronic pain. A professional doctor of chiropractic, like our Henderson chiropractors, can perform X-rays and get your body back into its proper place. For expert back pain relief, contact Advanced Spine & Rehabilitation in Henderson, NV.

June 14, 2022

Dr. Russell

At Advanced Spine & Rehabilitation, based in Henderson and Las Vegas Nevada, we strive to go beyond the expected to deliver the most positive patient encounter possible. Chiropractic care brings relief to patients who have previously been living in pain, without the harmful effects of drugs or surgery. Our Henderson chiropractors can explain how chiropractic can add years to your life and life to your years.