Personal Injury and Chiropractic Care

Personal injuries happen. You slip on the ice and fall on your backside, or you trip over a crack in the sidewalk and your body is on the ground, writhing in pain. But how can your trusted Henderson chiropractor help when you find yourself in these kinds of circumstances?

Personal Injuries and Spinal Health

When you jerk your body in a personal injury accident, it can move the discs and vertebrae in your back, creating a misalignment in your spine. In fact, you don’t even have to fall or make contact with an external source to cause damage. Sometimes the mere jerking motion in an attempt to save yourself is enough to do some serious, and often painful, harm.

Additionally, lack of pain doesn’t mean lack of injury. If you alter your spinal column just slightly, you may not even feel it now but that doesn’t mean that you won’t feel it down the road. However, an immediate visit to your Henderson chiropractor can help quickly assess if this is the situation with your personal injury, getting you on the road to recovery sooner rather than later.

All-Natural Personal Injury Treatment Options

With chiropractic care, the focus is on providing all-natural drug and surgery-free treatments so that you can get out of the doctor’s office and back to your life. This means that you won’t have to worry about becoming addicted to pain killers or face your fears of having a surgery that may not even correct the issue.

Chiropractic remedies include manual spinal manipulations and other innovative techniques designed to give you relief. So, if you’ve been involved in a personal injury accident, make an appointment with Dr. Russell of Advanced Spine & Rehabilitation in Henderson, NV today. Your future health may depend on it!

June 24, 2014

Dr. Russell

At Advanced Spine & Rehabilitation, based in Henderson and Las Vegas Nevada, we strive to go beyond the expected to deliver the most positive patient encounter possible. Chiropractic care brings relief to patients who have previously been living in pain, without the harmful effects of drugs or surgery. Our Henderson chiropractors can explain how chiropractic can add years to your life and life to your years.