4 Easy Ways to Prevent Back Pain

Back pain affects up to 80% of people at some point in their lifetime. This debilitating condition can keep you from working or fully enjoying your life. While some causes of back pain are unavoidable, in many cases there are ways to prevent pain. Here are three tips from your Henderson chiropractors for avoiding back pain:

1) Check Your Posture.

Back pain often results from long-term postural deficiencies. Focus on standing straight. Avoid slouching when sitting by ensuring that your back is always touching the back of your chair. Even while you're asleep, your posture may be contributing to the pain you feel upon waking. Sleeping on your stomach places unnatural pressure on your back, spine, and neck. Sleeping on your back or side provides more support for your back, reducing back pain.

2) Avoid Lifting Heavy Objects.

Lifting heavy objects is one of the most common causes of back pain, especially in middle-aged and older adults. If you must lift an overweight item, ensure you are using a proper lifting method. Lift with your legs! Always lift heavy items with bent knees, ensuring that the weight of the object is transferred to your legs, not your spine. An improper technique, in which you bend from your waist and use your low back to lift, places unnecessary stress on the spine and can lead to disc problems. Avoid twisting or turning while carrying heavy objects, which can cause further damage to your back and spinal discs. While weight training is an excellent way to get in shape, make sure you are progressing with your weight incrementally so you can build strength as you go. Using proper technique at the gym is essential for avoiding back injuries. Our Henderson chiropractors can review safe lifting techniques with you.

3) Strengthen Your Core.

Weak core muscles cause the body to compensate in other ways, leading to back pain. Ab crunches and other exercises strengthen the muscles supporting the torso. These muscles also support the spine, and are essential to preventing spinal injuries and back pain.

4) Get Chiropractic Adjustments.

If you have a history of back pain, getting your spine checked on a regular basis is a great way to prevent flare-ups in pain. Like you would visit a dentist twice a year to have your teeth checked, a chiropractor can check your spinal health so you can avoid future episodes of back pain.

If you're already suffering from back pain, know that there are non-invasive steps you can take to alleviate your pain. Consider physiotherapy or chiropractic treatments. The Las Vegas and Henderson chiropractors at Advanced Spine & Rehabilitation have helped many patients reduce their back pain. Contact our office to get out of pain today.

July 28, 2022

Dr. Russell

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